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SECO S.p.A. (“SECO”), reference player in the field of technological innovation and Internet of Things solutions, today announced the signing of a binding agreement for the acquisition of the assets of Oro Networks LLC and its subsidiaries (“Oro”).  Read More.

Rapid enablement of AI


25x to 100x times faster!

AI/IOT Cloud

Rapidly connect and cloud manage any hardware for smart control, monitoring and actionable insights using machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics and data mining.  Use our public cloud or host anywhere (GCP, Azure, AWS, private cloud or bare metal).

Turn any device into a Cloud Managed Intelligent Device

Device Management
Multi tenant cloud
Data isolation and encryption
Distributors, VARs, Resellers

Deploy AI pipelines on your IoT data at scale in minutes

Data Lake
Manage all your data
Forecast, Anomaly, Classify
Pre-built models or build your own

App Store – Select from ready made apps or build your own

Alerts & Notifications
AI & Analytics

Mobile Apps (iOS/Android) for end user or the administrator

Self signup

Real-time Edge AI

Cloud is just too far, unreliable, & slow for real-time analysis and action. Use local intelligence at the edge for vision, sound and sensor data:

  • Identifying human emotions and behavior
  • Recognizing human actions and interactions
  • Understanding surroundings
  • Predicting the intent as well as what’s next
  • Multiple patterns and objects in parallel
  • Small footprints fit for IOT devices

Safe Drive AI

Edge AI to analyze whats going on inside the car – the driver, the occupants and the cabin. Collision avoidance, occupant comfort, safety, and more.

Sound AI

Scribbling notes during the meeting has long been the norm of business. The need to take notes is important; however, it is time-consuming and hinders the natural flow of conversation. Real-time transcription for meetings, classes and audios without any data going to cloud.

Air Quality AI

Indoor air is very often contaminated by harmful substances created by everyday cleaning and cooking activities. AI to predict and limit health risks from exposure to fine particles and excessive concentrations of CO2.

Sensor AI

AI for Mechanical (e.g., pressure, accel, strain), Acoustic (e.g., microphone,) Optical (e.g. spectrometer), EM radiation (e.g., radars) Thermal, Chemical (e.g., gas sensors) Magnetic (e.g., magnetometer) Electrical (EEG, ECG) sensors.

AI Assistants/ Chatbots

Scale your business by adding a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence

On Prem or Cloud

Host wherever you prefer – at GCP, AWS, Azure, or your premises

Privacy & Secure

No 3rd party APIs. Your data and your learning – 100% yours and not shared with anyone!

State of the Art

Self learning, neural network based design producing fast and consistent responses.

Omni channel

Chat with your product via multiple channels or just provide customer support.  Conversations across all channels – web, sms, email, text, whatsapp, etc.

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